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Mistakes We Make When Brushing Our Teeth

    Good oral hygiene is an essential part of taking care of our our smile and we should do everything in our power help prevent the formation of cavities and other dental issues. One great way is to make sure we visit our dentist regularly, and another is to make sure we brush our teeth on a daily, regular basis. However, do we really know if we’re brushing our teeth correctly?

    The following is a list of errors that we could be making when brushing our teeth:

    Brushing For Less Time Than Needed: It is recommended that you brush your teeth for an average time of two minutes each brushing. Brushing for the full two minutes is essential.

    Brushing With Too Much Force: It is recommended to brush your teeth in a gentle way, and it will actually help clean them better than with hard force. In addition, when extreme force is applied to your teeth, the enamel can wear out and the gums can be damaged.

    Brushing Too Soon After Eating Acidic Foods: After eating acidic foods, it is not recommended to brush your teeth immediately, since the residual acids can spread even more on the teeth, which in time can cause wear of the enamel. It is best to brush at least 60 minutes after having eaten acidic food.

    Using a Damaged Toothbrush: Worn out toothbrushes are not as effective in cleaning your teeth. It is recommended to use a new one every three months.

    Using the Wrong Kind of Toothbrush: Toothbrushes come in different shapes, sizes, and different types of materials. It is necessary to choose the most appropriate toothbrush that meets your own personal need. It is not recommended to use a toothbrush with close-knit bristles as bacteria can accumulate. Consult your dentist about choosing the right kind of toothbrush for your teeth.

    Not Brushing Before Going to Sleep: Neglecting brushing your teeth before going to bed can cause a a lot more than just bad breath – it can create the perfect environment for mouth bacteria to thrive. This bacteria can react with food debris in the mouth, creating acids that can lead to tooth decay. It is best to brush your teeth before going to bed to help avoid this.

    Rinse Your Mouth with Only Water After Brushing Teeth: Instead of using water, it is best to use a mouthwash that contains fluoride. Rinsing, gargling, and spitting out the rinse goes a long way in helping keep your teeth healthy. When you only rinse with water, the fluoride in the toothpaste loses some of its effect.